In Mexico, the first confirmed case of Omicron, a new mutant of COVID-19.

Mexico's deputy health minister, Hugo Lopesgatel, said the 51-year-old from South Africa was Mexico's first case of the omicron mutation.

This patient is currently showing only mild symptoms, but he was voluntarily admitted to a private hospital in Mexico City to prevent further infection, Deputy Minister Lopezgatel explained.

This is the second confirmed case of Omicron in Latin America after Brazil, and the fourth in the Americas after Canada and the United States.

Omicron mutations have already made landfall in other countries in Latin America, or are expected to do so soon.

In the case of Peru, South America, no confirmed cases of Omicron have been confirmed, but the second confirmed case of Omicron from Japan has arrived from Peru, raising the possibility that the infection may have occurred in Peru.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) under the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted on the 1st that Omicron mutation will soon spread to other countries in the Americas.

Meanwhile, the Mexican government said that it has strengthened virus surveillance on inbound travelers from the 26th of last month, and has no plans to introduce entry restrictions.