Two conspiracy theorists who spread stories about pedosexual networks in Bodegraven have to undergo a psychiatric examination at the Pieter Baan Center.

The court in The Hague decided this on Friday.

Together with a third suspect, they were on trial for incitement and death threats against outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, RIVM director Jaap van Dissel and a general practitioner in Bodegraven.

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Joost K. grew up in Bodegraven and claims that he was abused in his youth, and also witnessed satanic infanticide.

He provides no evidence for this.

K. called Rutte a "satanic pedophile" who should be chased into the sea.

According to K., Van Dissel deserved "a shot in the neck" for what he allegedly did to children in Bodegraven.

After these statements, Van Dissel was placed under surveillance.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, K. suffers from a psychiatric disorder and possibly delusions, for which he must be further investigated.

K. agrees to an investigation.

During the hearing, K. expressed regret for his threats.

They went way too far, according to his lawyer Peter Plasman.

But K. stands by his accusations that he was seriously abused in his childhood by Van Dissel and the doctor from Bodegraven.

A second suspect, Wouter R., is also admitted to the Pieter Baan Center.

R. has been serving a sentence of six months since June for threatening the lawyer of the municipality of Bodegraven and also because he had distributed incendiary videos about RIVM director Van Dissel.

A third conspiracy theorist, Hans de M., can await his trial in freedom, but is not allowed to show himself in Bodegraven and also no longer speak about Rutte and others.

Justice: Red Pill Journal was 'orgy of suspicion'

The trio spread the conspiracy theories through the Red Pill Journal YouTube channel. The fourth suspect in this case is the well-known conspiracy theorist Micha K. He is currently awaiting extradition in a cell in Northern Ireland. His extradition will be decided in January. K. still has to serve a sentence of 187 days for threats from the editor-in-chief of the NOS and a journalist from

De Telegraaf



conspiracy theorists also spoke about the corona policy

in the

Red Pill Journal


The M. said about outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health): "Pick him up, put him in your trunk, he must be cleaned up. End of discussion, end of democratic roads. This doctor Mengele, murder dictator, must be cleaned up."

He made cutting movements along his throat.

De M. now has "indescribable regrets" of his threats, according to his lawyer, who further states that his client has now broken with the other conspiracy theorists.

De M. is a bird trader;

the program


devoted a broadcast to him and his website

He is also a self-proclaimed online preacher.

He claims that face masks come from hell and, according to him, the corona pandemic does not exist.

Several Red Pill Journal followers have been persecuted in recent months:

  • A man who called on RIVM director Van Dissel to deliver bricks was given three months in prison.

  • Two women were jailed for threatening Van Dissel in a Telegram group.

  • A man threatened Rutte, De Jonge and Van Dissel in a video and was jailed for two weeks.

  • A man in Helmond who threw heavy fireworks at the police station said he was inspired by the Red Pill Journal.

  • Yavuz O. was arrested on suspicion of preparing an assassination attempt on outgoing Prime Minister Rutte.

    His case is still pending.

  • Two men were on trial this week for attempted murder after they threw a Molotov cocktail through a window of the Groningen journalist Willem Groeneveld's home.

    He wrote a critical article about the Bodegraven case.

Mayor Bodegraven announced emergency ordinance after threats

At the beginning of this year, supporters of the conspiracy theorists went to Bodegraven to lay flowers on the children's graves of alleged victims of satanic rituals.

Relatives were shocked.

Former mayor Christiaan van der Kamp and municipal officials were seriously threatened.

In July, the judge decided that the conspiracy theorists had to stop with their accusations and remove all their statements about Bodegraven from the internet.

In October, two channels on the Telegram message service, where the conspiracy thinkers were active, were closed by order of the Public Prosecution Service and which were followed by a total of thirteen thousand people.