China News Service, Beijing, December 2 (Ma Shuaisha) The reporter learned from the China Manned Space Engineering Office on the 2nd that in order to take advantage of the comprehensive benefits of China’s space station, China’s first space science education brand "Tiangong Classroom" will be officially launched, China The space station's first space teaching event will be broadcast live to the world in the near future.

  As a national space laboratory, the space station is also an important space science education base. It contains rich and unique educational resources. It has a special advantage in inspiring the general public, especially young people, to promote the spirit of science and love the space industry.

On June 20, 2013, astronaut Wang Yaping conducted the first space teaching with the assistance of Nie Haisheng and Zhang Xiaoguang. More than 60 million primary and middle school students across the country watched the live broadcast of the lecture, which generated a huge social response and sowed the seeds of chasing aerospace dreams in the hearts of a generation.

After the Shenzhou 13 astronaut crew entered the space station complex, the public, especially young people, are full of expectations for the Chinese astronauts to teach space again.

  "Tiangong Classroom" will be combined with manned flight missions, throughout the construction of the Chinese space station and on-orbit operations. The lectures will be taught by Chinese astronauts as "space teachers", with young people as the main target, and will be carried out in a coordinated and interactive manner between the world and the earth.

At the same time, through the media, the "learning power" platform and the manned space engineering network, a wide range of lecture content, interactive questions and creative suggestions will be collected, and the best will be incorporated into the planning and implementation of the "Tiangong Classroom". The public, especially young people, are welcome to participate actively.