A surgeon was fined Wednesday in Austria for having amputated the bad leg of a patient, the regional court of Linz (north) told AFP on Wednesday.

Seized by the prosecution, the judge found guilty of "serious negligence" the defendant of 43 years, who pleaded "human error", said a spokeswoman for the instance.

She had marked the wrong leg of the 82-year-old patient before the operation last May in Freistadt and only realized her mistake two days later.

Flaws in the control of the operating room?

The court imposed a fine of 2,700 euros, half of which suspended without specifying how it was calculated.

He also awarded 5,000 euros in damages to the widow of the patient, who died in the meantime, who had become a civil party.

The surgeon denounced a flaw in the chain of control in the operating theater.

She has since changed clinics and can still appeal the judgment.

The management of the establishment said in a statement that "the causes and circumstances of this medical error had been analyzed with precision."

Internal procedures were discussed with the team and training was followed.


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