• Pope Francis: from today to Cyprus and Greece for the 35th trip of the pontificate

  • The visit of Pope Francis to Cyprus and Greece

  • The Pope tomorrow in Cyprus and Lesbos.

    "I will bring humanity wounded in the flesh"

  • Migrants, the Pope's appeal: "Solutions should be found that respect their humanity"


02 December 2021 Pope Francis has arrived in Cyprus, the first stage of his journey which, until 6 December, will also take him to Greece. The plane with the Pope on board landed at Larnaca airport, where Francis was greeted by the president of the Cypriot parliament, Annita Demetriou. The Pope then went to the capital Nicosia where, at the Maronite cathedral of Our Lady of Grace, a meeting with the clergy and ecclesial movements of Cyprus is scheduled.

Before landing at Larnaca International Airport, Pope Francis greeted the 77 journalists on the flight thanking them for the company. "It is a beautiful journey - he said - but we will touch the wounds. I hope that we can all accept all the messages we will find. Thanks for the company".       

Thanks for your company! @Pontifex_it to the journalists on the #cipro flight "it will be a nice trip but we will touch some sores" @RaiNews pic.twitter.com/tBRaj8qGVL

- Liana Mistretta (@LianaMistretta) December 2, 2021

A kite as a gift

During the traditional round of greetings, a French journalist gave Bergoglio a blue wooden panel in the shape of a kite, made by the parish of Calais, very active in welcoming to migrants.

"To all the exiled people who died on the Franco-British border", reads the panel on which the name of a newborn girl, Aleksandra Hazhar, was born in 2020 on a boat, but died 3 days after the rescue.

A Polish journalist then asked the Pope for a special prayer on migrants on the border with Belarus and Bergoglio, touching his chest, said: "I will do it".