• Eight people are on trial until Friday in Bordeaux for the theft of grands crus, valued at one million euros.

  • They had robbed a warehouse in Bruges in June 2020.

  • Anonymous information allowed investigators from the criminal police brigade to trace back to a cousin of one of the defendants.

Eight defendants are tried until Friday before the Bordeaux Criminal Court for the theft, in a warehouse, of nearly one million euros of grands crus, part of which had been sold in Asia. On the weekend of September 19 and 20, 2020, they entered a warehouse of a major Bordeaux trading company, Les vins de Crus, in Bruges, to seize 268 cases of wine. Not just any: Mouton-Rothschild, Petrus, Château Margaux… In total, 1,520 bottles with a total value of one million euros.

Obviously well informed, the team of cousins ​​and brothers of two families known to the law, in their thirties or forties, had cut up the metal siding and foiled the alarm systems before crawling into the warehouse.

The cases of grands crus had been taken out using a skateboard to avoid the presence sensors.

“Château Margaux, Petrus… I'm not into wine but I know it comes in cash,” explains Cédric D., at the helm, just released from police custody in a narcotics case.

Wines sold in China

Thanks to an anonymous information, the investigators of the brigade of repression of the banditry of the judicial police had gone up to a cousin of this defendant, Vanessa B., 33 years old. Prosecuted for concealment, she is suspected of having played the intermediary with a Chinese settled in Gironde, Yan Z. to sell him 190,000 euros of stolen wines, then exported to Hong Kong. At home, investigators found a cash counter unrelated to her work as a town hall employee.

Several suspected thieves have ensured that Vanessa B. was fully aware of the “not clear” origin of the wines, which she eventually admitted.

The Chinese merchant had accepted the beautiful bottles sold at "attractive prices", ie 80% of the market price, in return for payment in cash, but he had asked for invoices, which would be sent to him at the letterhead of a trade fair. beauty.

The trader finally provided assistance to allow the repatriation of the 45 cases exported to Hong Kong.

In total, more than half of the total value of the stolen stock has been returned, according to the Bruges trader's lawyer.

But even repatriated, some cases "suffer up to 20% depreciation due to the lack of traceability of the bottles during their successive transfers.



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