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  On December 1, under the coordination of the International Office of the Central Anti-Corruption Coordination Group, the Ministry of Public Security and the Heilongjiang Provincial Supervisory Agency, the public security agency and the Serbian law enforcement agency, under the overall coordination The suspect Fan Jiping was extradited back to China.

  Fan Jiping, female, born in October 1965, ex-wife of Liu Jie, former member of the Standing Committee of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, and original shareholder of Harbin Longyue Transmission and Transformation Installation Co., Ltd.

After investigation, Fan Jiping was suspected of using Liu Jie's bribery proceeds to purchase securities, real estate, etc., and fled in July 2019.

In December 2019, China issued a red arrest warrant through Interpol.

In October 2020, the Serbian police arrested him under the red warrant at the request of China.

In November 2020, the Chinese competent authority filed an extradition request to the Serbian side.

  Fan Jiping was suspected of transferring a huge amount of proceeds of corruption and absconding abroad. The nature is extremely bad. His extradition to China is an important achievement in the international pursuit of fugitives and money laundering.

The person in charge of the Central Fleeing Office said that we will adhere to the rule of law thinking and the rule of law, continue to work with relevant countries to combat cross-border corruption and money laundering crimes, and will never let corrupt elements escape justice.