Jean-Luc Mélenchon is angry and it is this time against Romain Nadal.

The candidate of France insubordinate to the presidential election indeed strongly criticized Wednesday the ambassador of France in Venezuela, after a tweet of the latter appearing, on a press cartoon, with a Venezuelan anti-Chavez flag.

"The French ambassador in Caracas shames France with this image of him disguised as an antichavist and false flag of Venezuela," says Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

"The French embassy does not have to be a local of the extreme right", continues the Insoumis on Twitter.

The stars of anger

The candidate for the Elysee is targeting a tweet from Romain Nadal defending press freedom and press cartoon, with a caricature representing him sporting a Venezuelan flag in yellow blue red colors but which only has 7 stars, against 8 on the current flag of Venezuela of Socialist President Nicolas Maduro. This eight-star flag was established in 2006 by Hugo Chavez, former president of Venezuela, symbolizing the participation of the province of Guyana in the independence of Venezuela, like the 7 other provinces.

“Part of the opposition, the far-right branch that has organized repeated coups and supported sanctions against its own country, headed by Juan Guaido, refuses this flag and continues to display the old flag with 7 stars ”, denounced France rebellious.

"In Venezuela, to display yourself with 7 stars is to show yourself openly in favor of the opposition", adds the same source.

An ambassador in the sights of the Maduro government

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who supports Nicolas Maduro, regrets that “once again, the ambassador shows his support for the far-right opposition, after having already openly displayed himself with Juan Guaido during the destabilization operations that "he was leading against the country," explained La France insoumise, which notes that "France, since President Chirac, has always recognized and used the eight-star flag in its official ceremonies." "In respect of the sovereignty and independence of Venezuela, an ambassador does not have to show his support for any party in the political life of the country", adds LFI.

In February 2020, Romain Nadal was accused by the government of Venezuela of interfering in the country's internal affairs after the diplomat received opposition leader Juan Guaido on his return from an international tour.


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