Accused of sexual assault, Pierre Ménès retaliates.

The former columnist star of Canal + filed a complaint Tuesday in Paris for "slanderous denunciation", learned Thursday from his lawyer Arash Derambarsh.

The case began on November 20, after the PSG-Nantes match in Paris, when a woman reported to the police acts of sexual assault for which Pierre Ménès would be responsible.

The latter does not file a complaint, but the same day, the Paris prosecutor's office opens an investigation, entrusted to the 1st district of judicial police (1st DPJ).

Pierre Ménès would have alibis

Pierre Ménès produced three certificates from people "unanimously confirming that (he) spent all of his time by their side as soon as he arrived for the cocktail in the lodge, during the match and the post-match cocktail", according to the complaint. . "They confirm that absolutely nothing happened and that Mr. Ménès behaved flawlessly", according to this document.

"Following this malicious report, a flood of press articles seriously damaged the honor and the consideration of Mr. Pierre Ménès who in particular suffered from a depression," he said.

“My client asked to be auditioned to show his perfect innocence during this evening of November 20 at the Parc des Princes.

Five people testified concerning his irreproachable behavior including a police officer ”underlined his lawyer, Me Arash Derambarsh.

Pierre Ménès already accused of sexual assault in the past

Sidelined at the end of March after accusations of sexual assault, the 58-year-old former columnist of the "Canal Football Club" left the encrypted channel on July 1, ending nearly 12 years of collaboration. This departure is the consequence of the broadcast on March 21 on Canal + of a documentary on sexism in sports editors and the revelation of incriminating sequences, cut during the editing at the request of the channel, suspected of having protected him.

Pierre Ménès, 58, is notably accused of having lifted off the air in 2016 the skirt of journalist Marie Portolano, co-director of the documentary.

He says he does not remember it because of serious health problems at the time: a non-alcoholic cirrhosis which kept him away from the plateaus for seven months and required a double transplant of the liver and a kidney.

He is also criticized for having forcibly kissed journalist Isabelle Moreau on television in 2011, as well as columnist Francesca Antoniotti in 2016.


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