• A new carpooling application has just been established in the Lille metropolis.

  • Its niche is to operate during the day rather than at peak hours in the morning and evening.

  • Its founder thus aims more at personal travel than commuting to work.

Public transport is good. But sometimes, they remain difficult to access, including in the European Metropolis of Lille (MEL), yet widely served by buses, metros, trams and TER when they are not canceled. Carpooling can also be a solution to get to work, too random, however, unless you find the pearl who lives and works in the same place and at the same times. Except that for occasional and personal trips, carpooling can be very interesting.

The Citygo application has just been established in Lille and in the metropolis, 6 years after its launch in Île-de-France.

The idea of ​​its founder, Patrick Robinson, was to offer a carpooling service over short distances in areas and at times when the car is faster than public transport: “During rush hour, in the morning and on In the evening, when people leave and come back from work, the traffic density does not allow them to compete with transport.

This is not necessarily the case during the day, ”he says.

"At these times, the drivers are more relaxed"

The best time slot to use Citygo is therefore between 10 am and midnight: "we target personal journeys or people who work staggered hours", continues the founder. Another advantage is that the service is available all day, every day of the week. “At these times, drivers are more relaxed because they are not constrained by the time of arrival at the office, notes Patrick Robinson. They therefore take people more easily by carpooling ”. To return from the box, on the other hand, it will be necessary to bet on another means of transport.

For short journeys, the price is even advantageous since it is modeled on the kilometer tax scale for a 4 hp vehicle.

In other words, for a journey of 10 km, it will cost a little more than 5 euros.

And if there are several, the price remains the same, but divided between the number of passengers.

The driver, him, will receive between 80 and 90% of this sum, "it is enough to reimburse the expenses without allowing to make a profit", insists the founder of Citygo.

In 6 years of presence in Île-de-France, the application has 1.5 million users for around 200,000 monthly journeys.

In Lille, the community remains to be developed with around fifty drivers and around a hundred registered passengers.


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