The mercurial Egyptian man is being pursued by 194 countries and arrested by Interpol and his wife in Colombia

The mercurial man, Mohamed Abdullah Mahmoud Abdel Wahab, a 35-year-old Egyptian, has finally fallen into the hands of the Colombian security authorities, after he managed to escape the grip of justice for several years, after escaping from Egypt during the past years, against the background of being accused of a murder.

On November 29, the Colombian Organization for Migration announced the arrest of an Egyptian named Mohamed Abdullah Mahmoud Abdel Wahab, in response to a note by Interpol bearing a red signal, indicating his seriousness, issued by the Egyptian authorities, after he was accused of a murder, according to the Colombian infobae website.

The Colombian authorities indicated that the 35-year-old Egyptian citizen holds a student passport, and 194 countries sought his arrest, according to the Interpol memo, as he was wanted by the international authorities, through a red circular from Interpol, and was found in the city of Cali.

The accused of the murder, was in a hotel in the province of Valle del Cauca, specifically in its capital, Cali, with a woman and a young girl.

The Colombian immigration authorities tracked the Egyptian fugitive, to determine his location, and informed the security services that raided his hideout, and it was found that he managed to infiltrate illegally into Colombia from Ecuador, accompanied by his wife and young child, both of whom have Ecuadorean citizenship.

In the same context, the Colombian website El Tiempo indicated that what can be described as the mercurial man El Tiempo managed to escape from the authorities of 194 countries, before he was arrested in Colombia on Monday, and subjected to investigations in preparation for his return to the country in the near future.

The site added that the Egyptian citizen is listed on the Ecuador business portal, and that he was added among the workers in the economic sector, and that he started his business on February 14, 2020, and works in the sale of food and beverages in restaurants, using these businesses as a cover for him to work in several countries to escape arrest. He must be returned to Cairo to be held accountable and prosecuted for the illegal acts he committed.

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