Peter Lundgren was charged with sexual harassment by a party comrade in a hotel room 3.5 years ago.

The district court acquitted Lundgren, but in the Göta Court of Appeal he was convicted of sexual harassment.

He is now appealing the judgment of the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court, something that P4 Jönköping was the first to tell.

- In addition to questions of evidence, we think that there are some legal issues that are interesting for HD as well, above all it is such a legal issue that is interesting, says Tor Åström.

What is it about?

- I do not want to tell you about that until we have submitted the appeal next week.

What are your hopes for HD to take up the case?

- It is of course difficult because HD takes up few goals.

It should be something that is unique and can be prejudicial, so it is clear that the chance is small.

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The Court of Appeal changes the district court's judgment and convicts Peter Lundgren of sexual harassment.

Hear lawyer Tor Åström and the Court of Appeal's councilor Christer Ganelind comment on the verdict.

Photo: TT