• Fisco: Franco and trade unions meeting at Mef ended

  • Maneuver, there is an agreement on the tax cut: 7 billion for Irpef and one billion for Irap in 2022


December 01, 2021Said free of the Finance and Labor commissions of the Senate to the Legislative Decree on tax and labor matters. The decision that took place on the night I was given the mandate to the speakers, Emiliano Fenu (M5S) and Mauro Laus (Pd). The start of the general discussion on the provision in the Chamber is scheduled for today at 12.30.  

Among the approved changes, the mini-extension to 9 December (with 'tolerance' until 14 December) for the folders and the possibility of accumulating a check of validity and income from work. The provision is expected today in the courtroom. The text will then pass to the Chamber for the second reading and the final ok. While the question of the modification of the law on the patent box is deferred to the Budget Law.  

Yesterday the Finance and Labor committees of the Senate approved an amendment by the speakers Emiliano Fenu (M5S) and Mauro Laus (Pd) which provides for the reopening of the window until December 16 for the payment of amicable notices expired between March 8 and 31 May 2020. Green light also to an amendment first signed by the president of the Finance Commission, Luciano D'Alfonso, which provides for an exemption from the Tari for some properties of the Holy See, such as some Basilicas in Rome, for the tax periods for which the term for assessing the tax has not expired as well as the pending relationships not defined with a final judgment; to an amendment first signed by Maurizio Gasparri (FI) on port work; and to a Government amendment that introduces changes to the 'Intended Assets' discipline.