Izushin Unagi, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, will decide on the appointment of party officers on the 2nd, including the appointment of Chinami Nishimura, the former Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, as the secretary-general.

The focus will be on being able to renew the image of the policy-making political party that we are aiming for.

On the 1st, the new representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Izumi, fought in the representative election to establish a party officer appointment, ▽ Chinami Nishimura, former Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as secretary-general, ▽ Seiji Osaka, former assistant to the Prime Minister. On behalf of the representative, ▽ Junya Ogawa, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly, has announced his intention to appoint him as the chairman of the political investigation.

Mr. Izumi said about the appointment of Mr. Nishimura as secretary-general, "The Constitutional Democratic Party is appealing for respect for diversity, and I would like Mr. Nishimura, who has also led the party's gender policy, to work together to revitalize the party." ..

On the other hand, Mr. Izumi supported himself in the representative election in order to steadily proceed with the Diet response that he emphasizes and preparations for the Upper House election next year. The policy is to appoint a deputy chairman as the chairman of the election campaign, and on the 2nd, these personnel will be decided at the general assembly of both Houses of Councilors.

However, while there are opinions within the party that it is "balanced personnel", some say that "I have little experience in key positions in the party and I am worried about stable party management." ..

For Mr. Izumi, the focus will be on whether he can renew the party's image of "just criticizing" with the desire to build a party-raising posture in the new party executive office, to the policy-making type party that he is aiming for.