Louis de Raguenel 2:08 p.m., November 30, 2021

In a ten-minute video posted on social networks, Eric Zemmour formalized his candidacy for the 2022 presidential election. "I decided to take our destiny in hand," he said.

A surprising video on which returns Louis de Raguenel, the head of the political service of Europe 1.

It's a totally unexpected, quirky, new format.

In a video released Tuesday on his YouTube account, polemicist Eric Zemmour advocated the greatness of a now forgotten France.

"You remember the country you knew in your childhood, the one your parents told you about," he said.

After ten minutes, he declared himself a candidate for the presidential election.

Nothing is left to chance

A staging that is far from being the result of chance.

Two days before the anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz and the coronation of Napoleon, Eric Zemmour declaims his speech on Beethoven's 7th Symphony, composed in 1811 during the Russian campaign.

This type of statement, it passes or it breaks.

The French are not used to this type of staging.

Usually, a presidential candidate is facing the camera or recording a video in the middle of French people. 

Land politically

Lyricism, romanticism, nostalgia, the whole stake for Eric Zemmour is now to land politically.

He tried, through this video, to gain height.

As we can see, everything is very worked.

"It is no longer time to reform France but to save it," he said.

But now, what is needed is to reach out to the French, to try to speak to them concretely.


- Eric Zemmour announces his candidacy for the presidential election

Moreover, he took advantage of this moment to recall that he is accused of speaking only of immigration, of great replacement.

"It is not the cause of all our problems, although it makes them all worse," the essayist said.

So, we can see that he is trying to show that he is going to talk about purchasing power, that he wants to talk about subjects that concern the French but his desire was to speak today, at this precise moment, to crush in a way the bandwidth of what is happening politically elsewhere, namely the Republicans' debate broadcast on France 2 Tuesday evening.

"Long live the Republic and above all, long live France"

The announcement of his candidacy silenced all the others.

Like the creation by the Republic on the move, the Modem and the party of Edouard Philippe of the "common house", called "Together citizens!"

launched Monday. 

And for the first time, a politician has placed the Republic below France.

"Long live the Republic and above all, long live France", he concluded.

The "above all" is not pronounced by chance either.

It remains to be seen who will be the "leading" personalities present at the candidate's meeting next Sunday at the Zénith in Paris.