Stéphane Bern & Matthieu Noël SEASON 2021 - 2022 6:00 p.m., November 30, 2021

Historically Yours brings together 3 characters who have led a strange castle life: Joséphine Baker, queen of the music hall in the Roaring Twenties, resistant, and queen committed against racism which, before having the Pantheon as its final home, passed most of his life ... in a castle, that of Milandes in the Dordogne!

Then a king who also grew up in a castle, a king of provocation above all: the writer and polemicist Jean-Edern Hallier.

And a more contemporary chatelain, even more rock than the other two: Mick Jagger and his Château de la Fourchette!


- Audrey Célestine,

political scientist, lecturer in political sociology at the University of Lille.

Author of “Fighting Lives: Women, Blacks, Free” (L'Iconoclaste)

- Anthony Palou,

writer, former private secretary to Jean-Edern Hallier.

Author of "Allô, c'est Jean-Edern… Hallier on listening" (Michel Lafon) and of "Dans ma rue there were three shops" (Presses de la Cité), Prix Renaudot Essay 2021.