China News Service, November 30. According to Reuters, Andersson was elected Prime Minister of Sweden on the 29th local time. This is also the second time she was elected Prime Minister in a week.

Five days ago, on the 24th local time, Andersson "lightly resigned" about 7 hours after he was elected prime minister.

On the 29th local time, Andersson was once again elected Prime Minister of Sweden.

(Image source: screenshot of Reuters report)

  According to reports, the result of this election means that Andersson’s Social Democratic Party will be in power alone.

  Andersson was elected prime minister for the first time on the 24th local time, but announced his resignation just over 7 hours later.

The reason for his resignation was that after the Parliament vetoed a budget, the then ruling coalition Green Party withdrew from the coalition government, which incited political uncertainty.

  After resigning, Andersson immediately told the Speaker of the Parliament that she hoped to be appointed as prime minister again and lead a one-party government.