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230 fines issued since the summer for non-compliance with

the quarantine obligation Since the introduction of the quarantine obligation, 230 administrative fines have been imposed until mid-November on travelers from areas with many corona infections who did not comply with that regulation.

The quarantine obligation came into effect this summer to replace the flight bans and applies to people who come to the Netherlands from very high-risk areas such as Afghanistan, Barbados and the United Kingdom.

The obligation to stay at home for five to ten days now also applies to travelers from southern Africa, where a new variant of the corona virus has been discovered.

All travelers who landed at Schiphol from southern Africa on Friday can expect a check-up call from the Quarantine Service Point of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

They also get a boa at the door that checks whether someone is really at home.

Since Friday, 820 people have been contacted by telephone by the call team.

A large part of those 820 people have probably been on flights from southern Africa, because that traveler group is called 100 percent, according to a VWS spokesperson.

The outcome of those calls is not yet known.

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WHO advises

people over 60

not to travel

People over the age of 60 should put their travel plans on hold to avoid being exposed to the risks associated with the omikron variant, the WHO says.

The health organization does repeat the position that general travel bans are not useful to stop the spread of the virus, whether mutated or not.

The WHO has classified the omikron variant as worrisome and risky.

After its discovery in South Africa last week, the variant has surfaced all over the world.

So far, 56 countries have taken travel measures in an attempt to slow down ikron imports.

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Teachers happy with tightened snot bubble policy

Teachers are happy with the tightened corona policy for primary school students who have a runny nose, a spokesperson for the PO Council reported on Tuesday to

RTL Nieuws

on behalf of primary education 

. The PO Council understands that parents are not happy that children with a runny nose are no longer allowed to go to school since Monday, but on the other hand, teachers are afraid of becoming infected with the corona virus through them.

As part of the new corona rules in education, children under the age of twelve have been obliged to stay at home since Monday if they have a mild cold. In that case, the children must also be tested at the GGD. The so-called 'snotte bubble policy' previously only applied to children over the age of twelve.

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Mandatory isolation ended for couple who were taken from a plane

The couple who were detained in an isolation location in Haren has been released immediately.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) decided on Tuesday not to request that the duo be detained any longer.





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Infected nursing home


seems to be getting sicker again than just after vaccination

This concerns residents who have not yet had a booster shot.





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German parliament may vote this year on



SPD leader Olaf Scholz, probably

Angela Merkel



as German chancellor, would support a mandatory corona shot for the inhabitants of the country. This is reported by


news agency,


sources. According to Scholz, the German parliament will vote on the possible measure before the end of this year.

On Tuesday, the constitutional court in Karlsruhe ruled that the strict corona measures that Germany introduced last spring were legal. The verdict could




for new, tougher measures in the country.

In Germany, more than 68 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Especially in the south and east of the country, fewer people are vaccinated.

The corona situation there is more serious than in the north and west, where corona patients are flown to.

The authorities have repeatedly called on residents to be vaccinated and more and more people seem to be complying.

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UK offers booster shots to everyone over eighteen, face masks mandatory again

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday that all residents of the United Kingdom over eighteen years of age will be offered a booster shot from the end of January. British media reported this on Tuesday. When Britons receive an invitation depends on the age group they belong to.

Face masks will also be mandatory again in public transport and in shops in England, Johnson announced at a corona press conference. The British Prime Minister considers it unlikely that the UK will go back into lockdown.

On Tuesday, the UK registered 33,590 positive tests and 143 corona-related deaths.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the country has registered 8.67 million positive corona tests and more than 126,000 corona-related deaths.

68 percent of the entire population is fully vaccinated.

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Stabilization of positive tests according to RIVM as a result of measures taken in mid-November

The stabilization of the number of positive tests compared to last week is most likely the result of the measures taken in mid-November.

That is what RIVM top woman Aura Timen says in conversation with on Tuesday.





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Unions call on government to allow sports to 20:00

Sports umbrella organization NOC * NSF and the sports associations call on the caretaker government to also work permit after 17:00.

Since Sunday, due to the tightened corona measures, it is no longer possible to exercise after 5 p.m.

NOC*NSF wants the closing time to be extended to 20:00.





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Corona self-tests will again be fully available for the Sinterklaas weekend

By the Sinterklaas weekend, the shelves in drugstores will be well stocked with corona self-tests.

The umbrella organization for drugstores, the Central Bureau of Drugstores (CBD), announced this on Tuesday.





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Number of hospital


just below the highest level last winter

The number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals rose by 73 on Tuesday to 2,845.

That is just below the highest level of last winter.

That peak was on January 5, when there were 2,890 corona patients in hospitals.





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Vaccinated FVD senator distances himself from Baudet's criticism of corona vaccines

First MP Paul Frentrop of Forum for Democracy ignores party leader Thierry Baudet's call not to be vaccinated.

During a debate on Wednesday, Frentrop said that he himself has been vaccinated against COVID-19.





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65 corona-related deaths in the past 24 hours, the largest number since 2 March.

RIVM received 65 reports between Monday morning and Tuesday morning that a person had died from the consequences of the corona virus.

That's the largest number since March 2, nearly nine months ago.




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Number of positive tests stabilized last week, R-value drops towards 1

Last week, 155,152 people tested positive for the corona virus.

That number is about the same as the previous week.

According to the RIVM, the stabilization is probably a result of the corona measures that came into effect on November 13.

The reproduction number (R-value) also dropped towards 1. Read 




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More than one in three hospitals has canceled all planable care

The number of hospitals that no longer provide planable care at all has more than doubled within a week.

There are also fewer operating rooms in use again and fewer hospitals can deliver all critical planable care within six weeks.

Read more



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Greece fines people over 60 who do not get vaccinated

The Greek authorities will oblige people over 60 to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccine refusers could be fined every month, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced. The fine amounts to about 100 euros per month. 

"Greeks over 60 who have not yet been vaccinated must have an appointment for a first vaccination by Jan. 16," Mitsotakis said. The vaccination obligation for people over 60 is intended to "protect fellow citizens". 

In Greece, about 63 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

People who have not been vaccinated already face restrictions in Greece.

For example, they are not allowed to go to catering establishments, cinemas and museums.

Greece is not the first European country to make vaccination compulsory for large groups of citizens.

Austria will introduce a general vaccination obligation in February.

In that country too, vaccine refusers will soon have to take fines into account.

According to current plans, these can amount to thousands of euros.

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Fifteen new injection

locations in the coming weeks New vaccination locations will be opened in various places in the country in the coming weeks. The number of injection sites is rising from 70 now to 85 at the beginning of January, the umbrella organization GGD GHOR Nederland announced.

The GGDs will use event halls and other large locations, among other things. They are not allowed to receive visitors for the time being due to the new corona rules and are now becoming temporary interregional vaccination locations.

The caretaker cabinet wants to give more people a booster shot in the coming period.

That is why the army, hospitals, general practitioners and healthcare institutions come to the aid of the GGDs.

The Netherlands is one of the last EU countries to start the new round of vaccinations.

Moreover, with the numbers of booster shots used, the Netherlands dangles at the bottom of the European rankings.

About twelve million people in the Netherlands are fully vaccinated.

About 80 percent of them can get the booster shot before the end of March, GGD GHOR Nederland expects.

The booster shot should give the defense against COVID-19 a boost.

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At least 42 infections with the omikron variant in the EU

So far, at least 42 infections with the omikron variant have been detected in the European Union.

The infections have been identified in ten different countries.

At least sixteen of those infections were detected in the Netherlands.

The new variant has also been found in Germany, Belgium and Denmark, among others.

Another six "probable" cases are still under investigation, ECDC head of European health service Andrea Ammon said.

Until now, none of the infected persons showed serious symptoms.

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Amateur clubs that are still active in the KNVB Cup are allowed to train

in the evening


Amateur clubs that still participate in the KNVB Cup are allowed to


in the evenings in the

coming weeks


It concerns eight amateur teams that will make their appearance in the second round of the cup tournament on December 14, 15 and 16.

Amateur athletes are not allowed to train after 5 p.m. until at least December 19.

This was one of the measures that the outgoing cabinet took last Friday to reduce the number of new corona infections and hospital admissions.

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Bayern will be playing without fans for the time being, other German clubs may soon also

have to play their home games

without fans


The president of the state of Bavaria announced on Tuesday that football matches in his area will have to be played behind closed doors due to the rising number of corona infections.

The stadiums in the rest of Germany may also remain empty.

Due to the decision, there will be no spectators in the Bayern stadium next Wednesday for the Champions League match against FC Barcelona.

The home matches with FSV Mainz (December 11) and VfL Wolfsburg (December 17) in the Bundesliga will probably also be played in an empty Allianz Arena.

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French experts advise vulnerable children to be vaccinated as well

The French health authorities advise children aged five to eleven to be vaccinated if they are at extra risk from an infection. Children who live with vulnerable people should also be able to get an injection.

Last week, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave the green light to prick children from the age of five with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. According to the experts, the benefits of the vaccine for young children outweigh the risk of side effects, which are usually mild. Children from the age of twelve were allowed to receive the vaccine.

The French authorities are aiming for a high vaccination rate in the fight against the corona virus.

France was one of the first countries to introduce the corona ticket.

The country is also ahead of the rest of Europe by making the so-called booster shot mandatory for those who want to keep the corona proof.

Furthermore, in France there is a vaccination obligation for healthcare personnel.

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GGD dome warns against false emails about booster shot

Elderly people in the Netherlands receive emails from scammers who try to get their bank details.

The message states that the elderly must get a booster shot and that they can make an appointment by clicking on a link in the email and logging in to their bank.

That bank site has been counterfeited.

It is not known how many people have been affected.

GGD GHOR Nederland warned against the phishing emails on Tuesday.

People are never invited by email for a vaccination, says the umbrella of the regional health services.

He adds that every shot is voluntary and that there is no reason to log into a bank, because vaccination is free.

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Recovery certificate valid for 365 days from today

The recovery


, with which you can prove that you have been cured after a corona infection, is valid for a year from today.

Previously, the proof was valid for six months.

The change takes effect retroactively.

This means that anyone who has tested positive at a GGD in the past twelve months can request a QR code.

As of today, the Dutch recovery certificate is not valid for 180 but 365 days.

With this extension you can use your recovery certificate for 6 months longer to enter areas where a corona ticket is required.More information ⤵️


AuthorMinistry of VWSMoment of places10: 41 - November 30, 2021

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GPs wrote out fewer prescriptions in 2020 GPs wrote out prescriptions

for fewer patients last year.

According to research agency Nivel, children and young people in particular were prescribed fewer medicines and, in particular, there were fewer prescriptions for antibiotics.

"The decrease is probably (largely) the result of the corona measures, which also inhibited the spread of other pathogens and fewer people visited their doctor," said Nivel.

Two-thirds (66 percent) of enrolled patients were prescribed a drug in 2020.

In 2019 this was still the case for almost 70 percent.

Except for antibiotics, there were fewer prescriptions for painkillers and nasal sprays and drops last year.

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Greece wants to fine unvaccinated people over 60

The Greek authorities will oblige people over 60 to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccine refusers could be fined every month, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced.

"Greeks over 60 who have not yet been vaccinated must have an appointment for a first shot by Jan. 16," Mitsotakis said. "Otherwise they risk a fine of 100 euros every month." People who have not been vaccinated already face restrictions in Greece. For example, they are not allowed to go to catering establishments, cinemas and museums.

In Greece, about 63 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

The country has repeatedly reported record numbers of new infections this month.

Mitsotakis announced that the vaccination obligation for people over 60 is intended to "protect his fellow citizens".

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Omikronvariant was a week before arrival contagion flights "In the Netherlands

, the omikronvariant of coronavirus was

a week earlier

in the Netherlands than was hitherto known.

RIVM found the worrying variant in test samples taken at GGDs on 19 and 23 November.

According to the RIVM, it is not yet clear whether the two persons tested have recently visited the south of Africa.

The omikron variant was previously found in fourteen people who returned to the Netherlands by plane from South Africa on Friday.

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Previously taken samples also tested for omikron variant

RIVM also examines previously taken samples for the presence of the omikron variant of the coronavirus. This concerns approximately eighteen hundred test samples. "We are going to see if it was already in the Netherlands before last week," said a spokesperson for the RIVM.

The spokesperson could not say how far RIVM looks back. A system of several labs is investigating more closely how the genetic material of the virus works. This system is called germ surveillance. It is the way scientists monitor the spread of different virus variants.

The Netherlands is not the only country to conduct this type of research.

Similar studies are also underway in Scotland.

There it will be examined whether the new variant was already present in the country in mid-November.

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Concerns about unvaccinated pregnant women in ICU

Gynecologists are concerned because more and more unvaccinated pregnant women have to be admitted to the ICU due to an infection with the coronavirus. That reports


. The number of IC admissions of pregnant women has doubled since the summer at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. A total of 32 pregnant women were admitted there. They were all unvaccinated.

The doctors warn of the consequences of a corona infection for both the mother and the unborn child. For example, in 7 percent of the cases, the baby had to be delivered by caesarean section, board member Christianne de Groot of the NVOG professional association told



The premature babies then end up in the ICU for newborns and run a high risk of infections, brain haemorrhages and intestinal infections.

"It is an extremely bad start, which moreover could have been prevented," said department head Manon Benders of the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital in Utrecht.

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Moderna CEO expects clarity about vaccines and omikron

variant within two weeks.


manufacturer Moderna expects to know more within two weeks about the extent to which the corona vaccines offer protection in the event of infection with the omikron variant.

Scientists will also probably know more about whether this coronavirus variant leads to a serious disease course more often than other variants, CEO Stéphane Bancel told the 

Financial Times

. He suspects that the vaccines are slightly less effective when infected with the omikron variant. "But we have to wait and see the investigations," he continues.

Pharmaceuticals will adapt their corona vaccines to the omikron variant if necessary.

The companies and the European Commission have already reached an agreement.

Developing an adapted vaccine can take months.

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Aantal mensen dat fysio bezoekt vanwege langdurige covid verdubbeld
Het aantal mensen dat een fysiotherapeut bezoekt vanwege langdurige covid is sinds mei bijna verdubbeld, schrijft het AD op basis van cijfers van het KNGF, de beroepsvereniging van fysiotherapeuten. Sinds de uitbraak van COVID-19 hebben meer dan 157.000 mensen een fysiotherapeut bezocht omdat hun klachten lange tijd aanhielden.

Volgens de krant komt deze groep gemiddeld twintig keer langs voor een behandeling. Daarvoor hebben ze gemiddeld 119 dagen nodig.

De toestroom van deze patiënten leidt vooralsnog niet tot wachtlijsten bij de fysiotherapeuten.

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CDC dringt opnieuw aan op boosterprik voor alle Amerikanen
De adviseurs van de Amerikaanse Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) dringen er nogmaals op aan alle volwassenen in de Verenigde Staten een boosterprik te geven. Aanvankelijk pleitten de adviseurs ervoor alle vijftigplussers nog eens te prikken, maar eerder deze maand raadden ze aan alle volwassenen een boosterinjectie te geven. Met de opkomst van de omikronvariant van het coronavirus doet CDC nogmaals een oproep.

Volgens CDC kan iedereen vanaf achttien jaar een extra prik krijgen als ze langer dan zes maanden geleden een doses van Pfizer/BioNTech of Moderna toegediend hebben gekregen of als ze twee maanden geleden een Janssen-prik hebben gehaald.

"De recente opkomst van de omikronvariant toont nogmaals het belang van vaccineren, boosterprikken en preventieve maatregelen aan", aldus CDC-directeur Rochelle Walensky. Ook raadt ze de 47 miljoen ongevaccineerde volwassenen in de VS aan zich zo snel mogelijk te laten inenten. Ook wil ze dat kinderen gevaccineerd worden.

Als de coronavaccins of boosterprikken vanwege de nieuwe coronavirusvariant aangepast moeten worden, wordt de ontwikkeling daarvan met ieder mogelijk middel versneld, zo beloofde president Joe Biden. Hij riep toezichthouder FDA en de CDC op de vaccins snel beschikbaar te maken.

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Belgen en Duitsers mijden Nederland als vakantieland
Het buitenlands toerisme in Nederland kreeg in het afgelopen kwartaal opnieuw een flinke knauw als gevolg van de hoge besmettingsgraad in ons land. Er kwamen met name minder Belgische en Duitse vakantiegangers naar Nederland, blijkt dinsdag uit cijfers van het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS).

Nederlandse hotels, kampeerterreinen, vakantiehuisjes en groepsaccommodaties ontvingen in het derde kwartaal wel 5 procent meer bezoekers, maar dat kwam vooral doordat meer Nederlanders in eigen land op vakantie gingen. Het aantal buitenlandse toeristen daalde met 13 procent in vergelijking met dezelfde periode vorig jaar.

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Frankrijk stuurt wegens coronarellen meer agenten naar Guadeloupe
De Franse regering stuurt extra politie-eenheden naar de Caribische eilandstaat Guadeloupe. In het overzeese departement is het onrustig sinds twee weken geleden een vaccinatieplicht voor zorgpersoneel is aangekondigd.

Parijs stuurde ruim een week geleden al agenten naar het eiland om de dagenlange coronarellen te helpen beëindigen. De circa 400.000 inwoners van Guadeloupe moeten zich sinds anderhalve week tussen 18.00 en 5.00 uur houden aan een avondklok.

Riots went on for nights in Guadeloupe.

Shops were looted and rioters fired at officers and firefighters.

It is also restless on the island of Martinique.

The government in Paris announced on Friday that the introduction of the vaccination obligation for healthcare staff in the Caribbean regions has been postponed until the end of 2021.

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KLM tests all crew members on flights to and from South Africa for coronavirus


During their stay in South Africa, the staff is in isolation.





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Hundreds of thousands of parents get money back for unused childcare

Some 290,000 parents will receive compensation because they did not use childcare during the lockdown, but paid for it.

The amounts run up to several hundred euros per household.





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Bewaarder raakt gewond bij opstootje om coronabeleid Westzaanse gevangenis
Bij schermutselingen vanwege het coronabeleid in Justitieel Complex Zaanstad in Westzaan is gistermiddag een gevangenbewaarder gewond geraakt aan zijn hand. Ook sneuvelde de bril van een andere bewaarder.

Acht gedetineerden uitten hun onvrede over het coronabeleid. Vier gedetineerden zijn vanwege hun acties overgebracht naar isoleercellen. De rol van de andere vier wordt nog onderzocht.

De acht gedetineerden waren boos, omdat ze vanwege de coronamaatregelen minder dagactiviteiten krijgen aangeboden in de grootste gevangenis van Nederland. Daarom begonnen ze tijdens het luchten met eieren te gooien.

Earlier this month, hundreds of prisoners in the Westzaan prison had to be placed in isolation because of almost forty infections,

NH Nieuws



The fitness room was closed on Monday.

The approximately seven hundred detainees in the Zaanstad Judicial Complex are allowed to keep food in their cells to cook for themselves.

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