• Accident on a scooter in the Biella area: a thirty-year-old dies

  • Lecce: two 13-year-olds on a scooter collide with cars, one in a coma

  • Scooter escape at 80 km / h in traffic: 11 fines and complaint

  • Rome, road accident: a man dies driving a scooter

  • He falls from the scooter on the Sesto San Giovanni cycle path: 13-year-old boy dies

  • Florence, scooter overwhelms scooter: one dead and two seriously injured


November 30, 2021 A man died in Rome in a serious road accident involving the scooter he was traveling on.

It happened around 6.30pm. The scooter was hit by a car in via Cesare Federici, at the intersection with via Cristoforo Colombo.

On the spot intervened agents of the Local Police VIII Tintoretto Group with the 118 staff who, despite attempts at resuscitation, could only ascertain the death of the man, a 48-year-old Italian citizen.

The driver of the car immediately stopped to alert the rescue. Other patrols of the White Helmets intervened on the spot to delimit the area, in order to allow investigation activities, and to facilitate traffic in the area. All the necessary investigations are underway by the agents to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the facts.

In Florence, from tomorrow, everyone must wear a helmet

Tomorrow, in Florence, the obligation to wear a helmet for all those who use scooters in road traffic, including adults, is mandatory. This is established by an ordinance, in force only in the municipal area, but the first contribution to giving a line in the 'jungle', also legislation, on electric cycles that have the characteristics of motor vehicles and move in traffic as vehicles not as pedestrians.

The measure just introduced is pending an appeal to the TAR presented by a sharing company for the rental of scooters. There was a hearing but the TAR postponed the decision on the merits to April 6, 2022 and without suspending it. Therefore, the act is effective and from tomorrow Florence becomes a test city in Italy on this front of road safety.

In 2021 there were three deaths in the first six months in Italy, but in Florence on August 9 there was another victim: a 27-year-old who had a collision with a motorcycle with a scooter.

He fell and hit the curb with his head and died.