About 60 people gathered in the Tan Hill Inn, "Britain's tallest pub" in the Yorkshire Dales, last Friday.

They took part in an ordinary evening marked in particular by the arrival of Noasis, a group resuming hits from Oasis.

But, due to snowstorm Arwen that hit the north of the country on the same day, all 61 guests were stranded all weekend, reports the

Daily Telegraph


The storm caused a power line drop which cut off the main road access to this pub located at 528 meters above sea level.

The authorities then advised customers to stay in the establishment.

Only six of them had to be evacuated by rescuers, like a few parents and their children, as well as a man in need of medical attention.

A weekend of activities

For the other 55 residents, a weekend of activities in the hostel had to be improvised.

“Many slept on makeshift beds and mattresses on the floor, but they were treated to movies on a projection screen, a quiz night and a buffet,” the

Darling and Stockton Times reported


Board games and karaoke were also organized, as was a Christmas decoration installation session on Sunday evening.

“Everyone is in a very good mood.

There is a very good atmosphere, ”said manager Nicola Townsend.

Finally, on Monday, everyone was able to return home safe and sound.

Having become friends, they have already announced that they want to meet again next year.


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