November 30, 2021 This morning the carabinieri of Torre Annunziata (Naples) arrested 19 people seriously suspected, for various reasons, of mafia association, extortion aggravated by the mafia method, carrying and possession of firearms.

The subjects would all belong to the opposing Camorra clans "Gionta" and "IV sistema", operating in the territory of Torre Annunziata.

There is also the boss and nephew and namesake of the historic chieftain of Torre Annunziata among the recipients of the precautionary measure issued by the investigating judge oplontino after investigations by the carabinieri.

The investigation spans a time span from May 2020 to July of this year, born after the attempted murder of Giuseppe Carpentieri, 51, considered a prominent member of the clan and son-in-law of the inmate chieftain Valentino Gionta, 68, who for the pm is still at the top of the organization, through close family members, including his daughter Teresa, 50, Carpentieri himself and his nephew Valentino Gionta, 38.

The Valentinis, nickname of the members of the Gionta, still have the ability to control the territory through mafia intimidation, for the investigators, maintaining an oppressive extortion network against local economic activities and their ability to militarily face the rival gangs thanks to the availability of weapons and explosives. And it is precisely in the armed clash between the clans that the ambush in Carpentieri of 6 May 2020 matured, for the execution of which the brothers Psquale and Luca Cherillo, respectively 37 and 35 years old, both detained, believed to be the promoters of the neo -constituted clan IV Sistema, based in the popular district of Parco Penniniello, moved by feelings of revenge for themurder of their grandfather Natale Scarpa on 14 June 2006 in an ambush carried out by hitmen from the Gionta clan.