Macron receives head of Israeli diplomacy in Paris to heal Pegasus affair

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid is on a European tour, as talks on Iran's nuclear program resumed in Vienna.

Here in London, at a press conference alongside her British counterpart Liz Truss, November 29, 2021. © Hannah

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After London, the Israeli Foreign Minister is in Paris on Tuesday, November 30.

Yaïr Lapid must be received by French President Emmanuel Macron while relations between the countries were frosty since the Pegasus affair.

This Israeli spyware, sold to certain countries, would have been used to spy on journalists, activists or even political leaders, including the French president.

The two sides are now trying to overcome this dispute.


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Sami Boukhelifa

The Pegasus affair

is not closed

, but it is " 

put aside

 ", explains a diplomatic source.

Because in this case, Paris is still waiting for explanations.

But the Israelis, not knowing what to say, wall themselves off in silence.

Tensions eased

At the beginning of November, on the sidelines of COP 26 in Glasgow, President Emmanuel Macron met with Naftali Bennett, the Israeli Prime Minister.

A meeting that eased tensions, confides this same source.

In order to prevent

the Pegasus affair from poisoning relations

between the two countries, the two men then agreed: this dispute, even if it has still not been settled, must no longer interfere in the rest of cooperation.

Iranian nuclear power

It is in this context that the head of Israeli diplomacy arrives in Paris on Tuesday.

Will be at the center of discussions between Yaïr Lapid and Emmanuel Macron, in particular the Iranian nuclear talks.

The latter resumed this week in Vienna, Austria.

The Israelis do not wish to hear about it, and seek to convince the great powers to support the Jewish state in a military offensive against the Islamic Republic.

But Paris, like the rest of its partners participating in talks with Iran, wants to give diplomacy a chance.

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