The Speaker of the Yemeni Shura Council Ahmed bin Daghr and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Abdel Aziz Jubari called - in a joint statement - to form a national rescue coalition for an immediate end to the war in Yemen, and talked about what they described as "concessions of legitimacy."

Bin Daghr and Jabbari - in this rare joint statement that bore their signatures - saw that the military option ended in a dead end.

The two officials said that the policies that led the battle with the Houthis took Yemen to goals different from those announced by the coalition.

They added that Yemen is facing a catastrophic situation, considering that the legitimacy has given up a lot of its leading role in gradually leading the battle, and its movement has been paralyzed, according to what was stated in the statement.

The two Yemeni officials called for a comprehensive national dialogue that does not exclude anyone, whose goal is to reach a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.

A few days ago, the head of the Yemeni Shura Council, Ahmed bin Daghr, accused what he described as some brothers of destroying the legitimate government under the pretext of the domination of the Islah party, and demanded an end to the disputes in order to confront the Houthis.

Bin Daghr said - on his Twitter and Facebook accounts - that this attack is no longer meaningful and will not deceive the Yemeni people.