Hanau's city center, including the old town, was completely destroyed in the last phase of World War II.

The goldsmith's house, once the town hall of the city, was rebuilt, otherwise nothing was left of the pretty half-timbered houses in the historic core.

In order to give the survivors, war returnees and refugees a roof over their heads, simple and functional apartment buildings were built in the old town.

The municipal construction company has invested many millions of euros in the renovation of these buildings in recent years, thereby making this part of the city center more attractive.

The upgrading of the old town market by the goldsmith's house with new gastronomic offers has also been successful.

The concept was to be continued along Graf-Philipp-Ludwig-Strasse, the connecting route between the Old Town Market and Schlossplatz.

Shops in the basement and modern apartments above: That would have given the old town even more momentum.

It is therefore particularly annoying that, due to the slow realization of the “House of Youth Law”, a large construction site is shaping the picture, and one on which no progress could be seen for a long time.

Focus on prevention against right-wing extremism

In addition, the redesign of the Schlossplatz and the new use of the historic chancellery building are a long time coming, the plans for this have once again been dashed. After all, the rental contract between the construction company and the state of Hesse has finally been signed and a new opening date has been promised. Hopefully the project will now move forward, hopefully with handsome architecture.

The content is even more important. Experience with previous institutions shows that a “House of Youth Rights” apparently follows a clever and beneficial concept. Hanau could use that. In spring, the palace square and old town were the scene of riots in large numbers, mostly young men, including many refugee minors. At the same time, violence and racism have acquired an additional, painful significance in Hanau.

It is a good idea, especially with a view to February 19 last year, when a man from Hanau shot and killed nine people with a migration background, to give the future community facility the focus on preventing right-wing extremism.

It should be ensured that the planned staffing with experts with different competencies is realized as planned.

At the moment it is suspicious that there was initially talk of 26 police officers and now there should be only twelve.