Ghislaine Maxwell was described Monday at the start of her New York trial as "the woman who ran business in Jeffrey Epstein's home".

She manipulated young girls, sometimes as young as 14, "served" them to the multimillionaire and "was involved in every detail of his life," the prosecutor said.

Epstein's alleged accomplice is officially being charged with sex trafficking and perjury.

Maxwell, 59, has denied all eight charges.

According to prosecutor Lara Pomerantz, Maxwell sometimes participated in sex parties at Epstein estates between 1994 and 2004.

Maxwell would have been present at many other so-called erotic massages.

"She knew exactly what Epstein was doing," Pomerantz said.

The prosecution also detailed how Maxwell approached the young girls and manipulated them for Epstein.

For example, the woman is said to have met a 14-year-old girl at an art camp and introduced Epstein as a "generous man" who would like to give talented young artists a scholarship.

That same year, Epstein allegedly abused the fourteen-year-old girl.

Maxwell sent lingerie to the victims before the abuse incidents and talked to them about sex.

"She hunted young girls," Pomerantz said.

A first witness was also heard in the case, a former pilot of Epstein.

He labeled Maxwell as "one of the assistants in Epstein's office".


Who is Epstein's alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell?

Defense believes Maxwell acts as a scapegoat

Maxwell's attorney called on the judge not to prosecute Maxwell for crimes committed by Epstein.

"She is not Jeffrey Epstein, but she does act as a scapegoat here," said Bobbi Sternheim.

The multimillionaire himself can no longer be prosecuted, as he ended his life in prison in 2019 - pending the abuse case against him.

Maxwell's trial is expected to last until January.