China News Service, Beijing, November 30 (Reporter Zhang Chenyi) Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the 8th Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing on the evening of the 29th and delivered a keynote speech.

International public opinion believes that his speech focused on Africa's most pressing issues, hoping to plan the future development direction together with Africa.

  Reuters said in a report that Chinese President Xi Jinping announced in his speech that China will provide Africa with another 1 billion doses of vaccines, of which 600 million doses will be free aid, and 400 million doses will be jointly produced by Chinese companies and relevant African countries. supply.

The important background is that the international community is worrying about the widespread spread of the Omi Keron strain of the new crown virus and the overall low rate of new crown vaccination in Africa.

  Reuters also reported that "China will provide African financial institutions with a credit line of US$10 billion and establish a Sino-African cross-border RMB center" and other content, and pointed out that South African President Ramaphosa thanked China for its support in his speech.

  Agence France-Presse also reported on China's decision to provide additional support for the new crown vaccine to Africa, noting that the eighth ministerial meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation was held at a time when African countries were striving to restore their economies severely affected by the epidemic.

African countries hope to achieve this goal by strengthening cooperation with China.

  The German News TV channel pointed out in the report that at the two-day meeting, China hopes to plan with Africa the direction of the development of China-Africa relations in the next three years and a longer period of time, injecting into the promotion of the development of China-Africa comprehensive strategic partnership. new momentum.

  "The world's poorest continent is facing a more infectious Omi Keron strain." Bloomberg pointed out that in this context, Xi Jinping announced that China will provide another 1 billion doses of vaccine to Africa.

As he said, we must uphold the people's supremacy and life supremacy, promote the spirit of science, support vaccine intellectual property exemptions, effectively guarantee the availability and affordability of vaccines in Africa, and bridge the "immunity gap."

Bloomberg quoted Lina Benabara, assistant professor of politics and international affairs at Wake Forest University in the United States. Variation issues.

  Bloomberg also pays attention to content such as "China will promote the total investment of enterprises in Africa to no less than 10 billion US dollars in the next three years", pointing out that China is Africa's largest trading partner and can play a greater role in Africa's economic recovery.

Senegalese President Sall pointed out in his speech that the relationship between China and Africa has withstood the challenges and tests brought about by the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  The Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, Senegal News Agency, Kenyan "Nation" and other African media also paid close attention to the 8th Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and introduced the series of measures announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping in his speech.

According to a report by the Middle East News Agency, Egyptian President Sisi stated that the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation plays an important role in realizing the common interests of Africa and China and responding to the negative impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on economic development.

Sisi also pointed out that an effective partnership with China is of great significance to the realization of economic and trade integration among African countries.