At the end of an agitated pre-campaign and a sensational arrival in the polls, the far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour formalized, this Tuesday, his candidacy for the presidential election in a video with a dramatic tone, explaining that he wanted the French “Feel at home again”.

"I have decided to run for the presidential election," he announced, reading a text behind a period microphone, mimicking the parallel with General de Gaulle's appeal on June 18, 1940. Fine that awaited for several weeks, this candidacy did not fail to react.

Middle finger

“In the anxiety-provoking images, there is nothing about the street delinquency of people who address each other with the fingers of honor.

Moreover, the first civility is to look your interlocutors in the eye.

This is not a candidacy, this is bad publicity.

Head down, “reacted Hugues Renson, LREM vice-president of the National Assembly, on Twitter, in reference to the middle finger that the polemicist exchanged with a passer-by in Marseille on Saturday.

“What better response to the announcement of Eric Zemmour's candidacy and his stunted promises, than the Pantheonization of Josephine Baker, which reminds us with force of the greatness of our open and progressive nation?

“, Said Olivia Grégoire, Secretary of State for Social Economy, solidarity and responsibility.

A "serious problem"

Sébastien Chenu, spokesperson for the National Rally, on the value of the candidacy of the far-right polemicist. "What is the added value of this application? Does it bring something more (…) or are we finally on a candidacy that divides the national camp? (…) Anything that parasitizes a candidacy against Emmanuel Macron in reality serves Emmanuel Macron (…) Eric Zemmour is not able to qualify for the second round (…) There is a problem of self-control and serious in this candidacy. Eric Zemmour is struggling to establish credibility, we do not see him as a politician, much less as a President of the Republic, ”he declared.

"It seems that Zemmour has just declared himself a candidate for the 1965 presidential election?"

", Quipped Manuel Bompard, campaign manager of the LFI presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in reference to the similarities with the appeal of June 18, 1940." Hatred is his job.

The controversy is his only object.

For us, it's just the opposite.

Happy Days, the social republic carrying the universal values ​​of the French Revolution: freedom, equality, fraternity.

That's my France, ”added Fabien Roussel, PCF presidential candidate.

Reconciling the French

"#ZemmourCandidat De Gaulle's response:" Claiming to make France with a fraction is a serious mistake and claiming to represent France in the name of a fraction is an unforgivable mistake ".

The future President must reconcile the French and not seek to fracture them, ”reacted Damien Abad, president of the LR group in the National Assembly.

Jean-François Mbaye, LREM deputy for Val-de-Marne, was also indignant at the polemicist's candidacy: “Zemmour would like a France in black and white while the French look to the future.

He mimics General de Gaulle - who must be turning in his grave - with a mediocre and pitiful appeal.

Let us quickly erase this shameful task from our history!



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