The executive development minister Gerd Müller (CSU) has been confirmed as the new head of the UN Organization for Industrial Development (Unido).

The decision of the Unido General Conference in Vienna on Tuesday was the last formal step before the 66-year-old German politician succeeds the previous Chinese General Director Li Yong next week.

The Vienna-based organization employs around 2,200 people to strengthen industrial sectors in poorer countries.

Last year development projects worth $ 178 million (€ 158 million) were implemented.

Since the mid-1990s, Unido had to contend with the exit of some financially strong members, including the USA, Canada, Australia, France and Great Britain.

"We need a much stronger commitment from the industrialized countries," said Müller in his acceptance speech in Vienna.

He expressed the hope that in his four-year term some of the former member states could return.

Müller names his priorities before taking office

Müller named the expansion of sustainable energy supply, transport infrastructure and digitization as his most important goals.

Müller sees potential in the construction sector, in the automotive industry and in the pharmaceutical industry, among other things.

As Unido boss, the son of a farmer also wants to fight for investments in sustainable agriculture and for fair wages for producers.

Above all of these plans, according to Müller, is the prospect of a growing world population that needs food and work.

Concrete plans are needed to create "jobs, jobs and more jobs for hundreds of millions of people - especially young people."

In September 2020, Müller announced that he would no longer run for the new Bundestag.

The European Union supported his appearance at the Unido.

In the election for general director in July, he prevailed against candidates from Ethiopia and Bolivia.

Müller took up the post of development minister at the end of 2013.

Before that he was Parliamentary State Secretary and a member of the Bundestag and the EU Parliament.