Jacques Serais, edited by Gauthier Delomez 07:37, November 30, 2021

The arrival of the Omicron variant in France, the first case of which was identified on Reunion Island on Tuesday, is a test for the government's strategy five months before the presidential election.

If some ministers confide their concerns, President Emmanuel Macron remains convinced that vaccination is the best weapon to get out of this crisis.


The government reveals the new variant of Covid-19.

The arrival of Omicron in France, whose first case in France was identified on the island of Reunion as revealed by Europe 1, will be a test for the strategy of the executive.

The Scientific Council, for its part, does not change its strategy and asks the government to stay the course, on vaccination and the third dose and the strengthening of barrier gestures.

But, within the government, it is a bit of panic on all levels, or almost.

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"We are really afraid that this variant will resist vaccines"

Off the microphone, a minister does not hide his concern from Europe 1. "We are really afraid that this variant is resistant to vaccines. If so, it can be terrible in public opinion", explains this heavyweight of the government.

The executive has indeed staked everything on vaccination.

Five months before the presidential election, the prospect of seeing this strategy fall apart gives you a cold sweat in the macronie.

However, behind the scenes, President Emmanuel Macron seems for the time being to keep his cool.

According to his relatives, the head of state is very vigilant, but remains confident.

Before drawing a conclusion, Emmanuel Macron awaits the results of the Moderna and Pfizer studies, scheduled within two weeks, on the effectiveness of vaccines on this new variant.

For the time being, the tenant of the Élysée is firmly convinced that vaccination remains the key to getting out of this bad period.

A message that the government intends to renew in the coming days, hoping that scientific studies prove it right.