The Constitutional Democratic Party's representative election, which was a series of four-person elections, will be counted from 1:00 pm.

In the first round of voting, none of the candidates will reach the majority, and the new representative is expected to be elected by the top two finalists.

In the representative election of the Constitutional Democratic Party, which chooses the successor to former representative Edano, four people, former Prime Minister Seiji Osaka, Vice-Chairman of the Diet Measures Ogawa, Political Survey Chairman Izumi, and former Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Nishimura, will run to rebuild the party. There was a debate over such things.

An extraordinary party convention will be held at a hotel in Minato-ku, Tokyo from 1:00 pm on the 30th, and the four will give their final speeches and appeal for their support.

The deadline is 29th, and after the results of the so-called "local votes" of the local members and party members / supporters who have already counted the votes are reported, the members of the Diet will vote.

In the representative election, 280 points were allocated to 140 members of the Diet, 2 points each, 6 points each of the 6 prospective candidates for the Upper House election next year, and 143 points to local members nationwide. Supporters will also be assigned 143 points, for a total of 572 points.

In the situation so far, support has been distributed to four people in both the parliamentary vote and the local vote, none of them reach the majority in the first vote, and the new representative is expected to be elected by the final vote by the top two people. It has become.

The final vote is 280 points, where 140 members of the Diet have 2 points per person, 6 points where the prospective candidates for the Upper House election have 1 point each, and 47 points where the representatives of each prefecture have 1 point each, for a total of 333 points. Is to be contested in.

Since the weight of the parliamentary vote is high in the final vote, the focus will be on the movement of the candidate's camp that was lost in the first round.

Mr. Osaka

Former Prime Minister Assistant to the Prime Minister Osaka told reporters, "There are many people with high abilities in our party, and it is important to shine their individuality, create a sense of unity, and improve their overall strength. Young people. It's important to bring diversity to the forefront with a sense of innovation, but what is needed now is the power to embrace the whole, and I am the only one who can do it. " Said.

Mr. Ogawa

Ogawa, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly, told reporters, "We have been developing activities without regrets with the support of many people. I think the result is a destiny, so I would like to do my best to the end. Representative If you are selected, we would like to implement a fresh executive office, interactive politics, and new structural reforms as a package, which will lead to the expectations and trust of the people. "

Mr. Izumi

Izumi, the chairman of the political affairs investigation, told reporters, "Since the question is how to grow the Constitutional Democratic Party from now on, let us show the new appearance of the party while emphasizing policy and realize that it has changed. Is important. In the speech, I would like to appeal to the people as a party that protects and nurtures the lives and economy of the people. It is important not to proceed to the final vote, but to finally be the representative and meet the expectations of the people. , I want to do my best to create a system of unity with the party. "

Mr. Nishimura

Former Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Nishimura said to reporters, "I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the people who have supported me so far because it is the day of voting. Today, I would like to sincerely appeal to the direction I am aiming for as a representative of the party and the way the party should be managed. With your support, the Constitutional Democratic Party will once again become a trusted political party. I want to take the lead and do my best. "