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To simplify your life, PicWicToys offers, in addition to its promotional offers, comfortable purchasing conditions.

You can plan to pay for your Christmas shopping in 3 or 4 installments free of charge, but also to collect or return your items for free in store.

Discover PicWicToys toys

6V Injusa Green Scramble Motorcycle

Ideal for putting future champions under the tree, the Scramble motorcycle is equipped with stabilizers.

Equipped with electric brakes, this electric motorcycle can travel up to 6 km / h.

With its sporty look that looks like a real motorcycle in every way, kids will love it.

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Jurassic World T-Rex and Car Set

Dinosaurs have been seducing children for generations, and it's not yet this year that it will end.

With this Jurassic World playset, kids can create endless adventure scenes.

Those who have seen the movie Jurassic Park will even be able to replicate the cult scene in which Tim Murphy hides from the T-Rex in a vehicle and escapes.

Equipped with a destructible roof, the vehicle promises realistic scenes.

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Captain America figure 30cm

Fans of Marvel super heroes will no longer part with this 12 '' figure of the Captain America character.

Equipped with different accessories, this character will allow children from 4 years old to teleport in a fantastic mode where they will fight injustices.

Paired with other minifigures from the Marvel Universes, this Captain America is ready for hours of play and adventure against the villains of this world.

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Crayola 100 Piece Coloring Kit

Budding artists will be delighted to discover this coloring case under the tree.

Colored pencils, markers, chalk will always be available to allow your toddlers to create beautiful works of art.

Equipped with a handle, the case is easily transported for hours of drawing and creation.

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2-in-1 table desk

Both simple and well thought out, this wooden desk will be ideal for your child's room.

Scalable, it turns into a painting with two sides for sketching.

In its office form, it is equipped with a large box that can store all the equipment needed for hours of creation.

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To prepare for Christmas while limiting the budget, PicWicToys accompanies you with interesting promotions.

Do not wait for stockouts and anticipate your purchases by taking advantage of these offers now.

Purchase guide

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Purchase guide

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