It is a promise made by the future red-green-red coalition that must seem like political satire to many Berliners: “We'll make it even better together.” The SPD parliamentary group leader Raed Saleh said this sentence at the presentation of the coalition agreement, without actually accepting it giggle or blush. Many citizens in the capital would be as happy and happy as if they were given an early gift if the new Senate managed to do most things well or satisfactorily. It was only a few weeks ago that Berlin embarrassed itself in front of the world because its overburdened administration screwed up the smooth running of the elections elsewhere. And the operation of the finally completed capital city airport is anything but smooth.For its construction, which was accompanied by unbelievable breakdowns, billions of tax dollars were sunk in the Brandenburg sand.

Franziska Giffey, as the successor to the hapless and discouraged Prime Minister Michael Müller, has set the bar very high for the capital's next attempt to climb into the league of New York, London and Paris (although not everything shines).

Berlin has to distinguish itself as a “competitive world city”.

Two or three sizes smaller would be enough: Get better in competition with Hamburg, Munich or Tübingen.