People's Power CEO Lee Jun-seok completely canceled the schedule scheduled for this morning (30th).

Amid the controversy over 'Lee Jun-seok passing' in the composition and schedule of the party's election committee, there are also observations that he may make important decisions, including the resignation of the co-standing election chairman and party representative.

According to the party representative's office, Chairman Lee was scheduled to attend the press forum event at 9 am today, but it was canceled.

It is reported that the cancellation of schedules such as attendance at the commemorative ceremony of the Korean Federation of Agricultural Entrepreneurs scheduled for the afternoon and radio interviews are also being considered.

After CEO Lee left a short message on Facebook last night, "If that's the case, that's it," he canceled the schedule entirely, and some in the party are saying, "Isn't this CEO thinking about resigning?"

Controversy has arisen in some parts of the party that presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol's "Lee Jun-seok passing" has been raised over President Lee's failure to share the schedule of the election in advance, or the fact that Kyunggi University professor Lee Su-jeong joined the election despite President Lee's objection.

Regarding the fact that he did not know the schedule of Candidate Yoon's visit to Chungcheong yesterday, CEO Lee expressed displeasure, saying, "At least the schedule to announce 'Lee Jun-seok is going' is to ask Lee Jun-seok and decide. It is important to discuss 'in advance'." revealed.

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)