In Japan, the first case of COVID-19 virus omicron mutation has been reported.

According to Kyodo News, Japanese authorities confirmed that a man in his 30s who arrived through Narita Airport on the 28th was infected with Omicron.

This man, who arrived from Namibia, South Africa, was tested positive for Corona 19 through the entry stage, and as a result of genetic analysis to confirm whether he was infected with Omicron, today the result of Omicron mutation came out.

The man and two family members accompanying him have both tested negative and have been quarantined in designated facilities.

Kyodo News reported that the man was a Namibian man.

In order to block the inflow of Omicron, the Japanese government has banned new entry of foreigners from South Africa, including South Africa, from the day before, and starting today, it is prohibiting entry of all foreigners in principle.