24% increase in recovery rates compared to new infections

“November” records the lowest number of “Corona” injuries since March 2020

Adherence to precautionary measures and vaccinations contributed to ensuring the health and recovery of society.


Official statistics on the latest developments of “Covid-19” in the country showed a continued decrease in the number of new infections with the “Covid-19” virus, as the lowest number of new infections with the Corona virus was recorded during last November, since the first appearance of the virus in March 2020, as Last month, 2,136 cases of the virus were recorded, a decrease of 41.5% compared to last October, which witnessed the registration of 3,637 cases of “Covid-19”, and statistics also showed that the average daily infections during November amounted to 71.2, at a rate less than 0.7 per 100,000 people. .

In detail, the statistics showed that the recovery rate increased from the rate of injuries by 24%, as the number of people recovering from Corona reached 2,804 healing cases, during the month of November, while the number of active cases still receiving treatment during the same period decreased by 19% from last October.

For her part, the official spokesperson for the health sector in the country, Dr. Farida Al Hosani, affirmed the continuation of national efforts in all governmental, local and private sectors, to provide a healthy and preventive environment for members of society, as the authorities work through specialized teams and qualified human cadres, to ensure the provision of health stability to all segments of society. The community of the country's citizens, residents and visitors, noting that the UAE was able to reach new horizons of achievements and gains within a few months, and its position globally shone in many regional and international targets, as the vital sectors demonstrated, during the pandemic, their compatibility and harmony to reach the stage of recovery.

Al-Hosani explained, in media statements, that vaccination of most segments of society is one of the main factors that helped stabilize the epidemiological situation, noting that the fact that the majority of the country's population receives vaccination does not mean stopping efforts in the field of vaccinations, but rather on the continuation of the booster dose vaccination, as studies indicated that Weakening of immunity resulting from vaccination over time, which confirms the importance of the booster dose to enhance immunity and raise it to the required level.

She called on everyone to obtain supportive doses on time and not to postpone, especially senior citizens and chronic diseases, stressing that vaccinations contribute to raising immunity and preventing disease, severe symptoms and deaths, especially in light of mutants, so the support dose contributes to increasing the immune response to reach a level higher, and produces high antibodies to counter the virus.

Al-Hosani stressed the importance of the contribution of all members of society to spreading positive awareness, and reminding them to adhere to the precautionary measures, foremost of which are masks, hand hygiene and maintaining physical distance, as they are essential factors that contribute to stopping the chain of spread of the virus, preserving the gains and sustaining the period of return to normal life.

For its part, the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority confirmed that the UAE dealt with the pandemic according to a proactive strategy and a single Emirati model that works according to indicators and studies approved by the state to ensure the progress of the new normal life, appreciating the role of all sectors, and the extent of their cooperation to reach this stage and the results we are witnessing today. In addition to valuing the public's role, awareness and commitment to the various precautionary and preventive measures.

The authority indicated that the “Corona” crisis proved that adherence to precautionary measures and taking vaccinations contributed to ensuring the health and recovery of society, stressing the importance of adopting customs and practices that guarantee the health and safety of all, such as the obligation to wear masks, and participation in social events while leaving a safe distance that protects various viruses, And take care to conduct periodic examinations, and maintain continuous sterilization.

• Continuing national efforts in all governmental, local and private sectors, to provide a healthy and protective environment for all members of society.

• 19% decrease in the number of active cases of "Corona" injuries.

support dose

The family medicine specialist at Fakeeh University Hospital, Dr. Adel Sajwani, stressed the importance of supportive doses to prevent infection with “Corona”, and the virus’s mutants at a very high rate, noting that the emergence of the mutant is normal and expected, because the world is in a better situation with previous experience and the studies that have been conducted. Since the beginning of the pandemic, in addition to the availability of vaccines and booster doses in preventing severe infections.

He pointed out that corona viruses are evolving RNA viruses, and thousands of genetic mutations have occurred since their discovery, but not all mutations are dangerous, except for the one that causes changes to the coronary protein, which makes it more widespread, more severe and a cause for concern, pointing to The change in the mutated virus does not occur unless the virus multiplies, and this happens to unvaccinated people.

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