The Pentagon has announced that the Biden administration has completed a review of the US military posture.

With China in mind, which will intensify military activities, the stance of emphasizing the Indo-Pacific region has been re-emphasized, such as strengthening cooperation with allies.

The Biden administration of the United States is considering reviewing the posture of the US military deployed all over the world in light of China's move to rapidly strengthen its armaments, and the Pentagon said that the review was completed on the 29th. Has been announced.

According to it, regarding the relationship with the Indo-Pacific region, "We will strengthen cooperation with allies in order to contribute to the stability of the region and deter the military aggression by China and the threat of North Korea."

In addition to deploying fighters and bombers in Australia, Guam and other areas are planning to improve infrastructure such as fuel and ammunition storage and airfield renovation.

A senior Pentagon official at a press conference said, "The priority area for this review is the Indo-Pacific region," emphasizing the focus on the Indo-Pacific region in terms of security.

The contents announced this time do not clarify the specific increase or decrease of troops, but I am interested in the future movement of how much force the U.S. military will devote to curb China's military activities. Is increasing.