In principle, the government has suspended new entry of foreigners from all countries and regions from November 30, following the spread of the new mutant virus, Omicron strain, to each country.

How do foreigners who have been waiting abroad to study abroad in Japan perceive that they can no longer re-enter Japan?

We talked to people who want to study abroad and the Japanese language school they accept.

(International Department Reporter Yukari Kondo)

"I don't know what to do in the future."

Indian Diksha Veda (25) said, "I want to receive an education in safe Japan," and was planning to study abroad at a Japanese language school in Fukuoka City from April, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. , Continues to wait in my home country.

[I have been suspended from entering Japan again. How do you perceive it?


When I woke up on the morning of the 29th, I was very depressed to know this news.

I have been waiting for a long time to go to Japan, and on November 8th, when the immigration restrictions were relaxed, I was told by the Japanese language school that I was accepting that I might be able to come to Japan in January next year. Was there.

I was looking forward to going to Japan, so it's very disappointing news.

What are your thoughts on this measure in Japan?


I understand that this is to protect Japan from new mutant viruses.

However, international students are investing their time and money to study abroad in Japan.

It depends on our future career.

I would like you to understand that international students are in such a situation so that they can draw a career in Japan.

How does the inability to enter the country affect your life?


Initially, after studying at a Japanese language school, I wanted to get a PhD in marketing from a graduate school in Japan.

However, I have already postponed studying abroad in Japan, so I gave up going to graduate school.

Now I am studying at a Japanese language school and aiming to get a job at a Japanese company in India.

However, I honestly don't know what to do with my future life if my entry is postponed.

What I can say now is that I am on the verge of realizing the career I envision.

"Maybe I give up studying abroad in Japan"

Benjamin Khun (34), a German, became interested in Japan because of the Japanese documentary he saw when he was in elementary school, and has a dream of working and living in Japan as an IT engineer in the future.

Initially, I was planning to come to Japan in March and study at a Japanese language school from April, but now I am living while cutting down my savings.

[I have been suspended from entering Japan again. How do you perceive it?


When I heard the news, I and other international students were shocked.

We are very worried about our future and our future lives.

What's the hardest part of you while you can't come to Japan?

] I

worked as an IT engineer in Germany for 10 years, and I was planning to quit the company in January and go to Japan from March.

However, because I can't go to Japan, I take online classes at a Japanese language school for 4 hours from 4:30 am on weekdays.

Also, because I don't know when I can go to Japan and I can't resume my work as an engineer, my tuition and living expenses at a Japanese language school are cutting my savings.

Not only is this kind of life very difficult mentally, but I am also full of anxiety every day as to how long this life will last.

[What are your thoughts on the future?


If you can't go to Japan by January next year, you may give up studying abroad in Japan.

Now I can only wait and I'm feeling anxious all the time, so I can't wait any longer.

And I'm thinking about another option.

One is to go to Korea, which accepts international students, to get a job.

Another option is to stay in Germany and look for a job.

My dream is to work abroad, and of course Japan is the country I want to work in most, but I have no idea when I can go to Japan, and in order to live, I need to think about another way.

"How long can you continue to manage, a game against time"

At the "Fukuoka Japanese Language School" in Fukuoka City, where about 400 international students were studying before the spread of the infection, about 250 people are currently waiting overseas to study abroad, and there are waiting places for international students and Japanese teachers. We have been preparing for the resumption of acceptance of international students, such as securing the number of students.

We talked to the principal, Daiki Nagata.

[International students have been suspended from entering Japan again.

How do you take it?

] The

international students who were looking forward to entering Japan were disappointed as a school because they were worried about what would happen in the future when they heard the news.

On the other hand, it is a painful feeling because it is unavoidable because it is a measure for the emergence of a new mutant strain.

I think you have been preparing for acceptance, but is there any impact?

] While

international students are unable to enter the country and the number of current students has decreased to about a quarter of the number before the spread of the infection, we will maintain classrooms and secure Japanese teachers in case acceptance is resumed. Have to.

The cost for that is also high, and I feel that it is a race against time to continue management.

What are you most worried about in the future?


I am strongly concerned that the entire study abroad industry, which is the cornerstone of international exchange, is in a very difficult situation, and it will be difficult to accept international students in the future.

Also, I am very worried that some foreigners who choose to come to Japan give up studying abroad.

Therefore, I think it is necessary to support international students to maintain an environment where they can study in Japan, looking ahead to the end of the infection.