China News Service, November 30. According to the Greek "China-Greece Times" report, the Greek epidemic continues to spread, and the recent emergence of a variant of the new crown virus "Omi Keron" has made the prospects for epidemic prevention in Europe even more confusing.

Although Greek government officials have repeatedly stressed that no blockade will be implemented, they may further implement epidemic prevention measures.

Data map: A policeman in Athens, Greece, is checking the driver's certificate to determine the purpose of his trip.

  According to reports, the number of newly confirmed new crown cases and deaths in Greece has been increasing at a high level every day. Due to the superimposed influence of various factors, scientists predict that Greece will have a peak of the epidemic around mid-December.

  The report pointed out that despite the increasing pressure on the Greek health system, the government has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of a complete blockade.

Maintaining the normal operation of markets and educational institutions is the primary goal of the government.

  In an interview with the media recently, Greek government spokesman Ikonomo said: “After the implementation of new epidemic prevention measures, the vaccination rate has increased by 10%.” He emphasized that Greece will not enter a lockdown state and said, The authorities are doing everything possible to curb the spread of the virus and reduce the pressure on the national health system by implementing measures and increasing vaccination.

  In addition, he also said that the government is paying close attention to the domestic and international developments related to the new crown epidemic, while focusing on the concrete implementation of epidemic prevention measures and the work of increasing the vaccination rate.

  A few days ago, Greek Development and Investment Minister Georgiadis also stated that “there is no reason for the market to be closed at Christmas.” The government’s goal is to open shops and restaurants during the festival so that people can work and the economy can function normally.

Data map: Athens, Greece, people enjoying drinks at an open-air coffee.

  According to reports, although government officials have repeatedly ruled out the possibility of imposing a blockade, the expert committee that provides the government with advice on epidemic prevention and control is expected to meet on the 30th to discuss Greece's next adjustments to epidemic prevention measures.

  Measures currently under consideration include mandatory wearing of masks whether indoors or outdoors; further restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated, such as no longer allowing them to eat in the outdoor areas of restaurants and coffee shops; and for those who have not been vaccinated Employees, requested that the number of virus tests conducted per week be increased from 2 to 3 times.

  On the evening of November 29, local time, the National Public Health Organization of Greece announced that in the past 24 hours, Greece had added 6,677 confirmed cases of new crowns and 104 new cases of new crown deaths.

(Cai Ling)