• Omicron variant, Japan also blocks the entry of foreigners into its territory

  • South Africa, the doctor who discovered the variant: "Mild symptoms, but never seen before"

  • WHO, "very high" risks relating to the Omicron variant.

    Urgent G7 summit today


November 29, 2021 "The spirit of collective action is the only truly robust response to fight this pandemic and to fight future pandemics. Only collective, effective and immediate responses can work against viruses." This was stated by the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen speaking to the World Health Organization. "We cannot remain idle - he added -, in front of us we have urgent tasks and just as we are speaking the international community is facing a new variant of Covid-19, Omicron".

 Von der Leyen then said that the EU and the member states "will do whatever is necessary to overcome the pandemic", calling for "better preparation for future pandemics".   

The president of the European Commission also "welcomed the start of negotiations for a global agreement on prevention, preparedness and response" to Covid-19 and to also support a "new financial intermediary fund for global health security" . 

"The EU aims to share at least 700 million doses by mid-2022 with low- and middle-income countries and we are investing significantly in production in Africa and we are also engaged in production in South America," added Von der Leyen.