• The next edition of Lille3000 will take place from May 14 to October 2, 2022.

  • Called "Utopia", it will deal with environmental issues and the relationship with nature.

  • An opening party and a parade will mark the launch.

Current utopia or future reality? Eighteen years after the first edition, imagined within the framework of Lille European Capital of Culture, the inhabitants of the Lille metropolis will experience a new Lille3000 adventure, from May 14 to October 2, 2022. Called “Utopia”, it will have to heart to reflect on our relationship with nature and, perhaps, to rethink it to take care of the environment.

While environmental issues have never been so topical, the theme of Utopia is perfectly in tune with the times.

Its festive program, which will take place next spring and summer, could even give food for thought to presidential candidates.

The basic idea is to immerse “the public in a future marked by a new relationship between living things and nature.

[…] Halfway between utopia and ecological issues ”, explains Lille3000, organizer of the event.

A party and an opening parade on the "rambla"

It is art that will be responsible for inventing the transition between the climate emergency, which constitutes our reality today, and the fantasy of what our society of tomorrow could be.

Through numerous exhibitions, conferences, shows, metamorphoses of the city, "Utopia will present the vision of artists and creators on a society living at the rhythm of the seasons, biodiversity and natural resources".

As was the case for previous editions, the launch of Utopia will take place during a grand opening party for which residents will be asked to get involved.

Not to be missed, therefore, the parade in the city which will pass by the “rambla” of rue Faidherbe adorned with ten fairy figures created by Kim Simonsson.

Pell-mell, on the program, there will be an exhibition "Les Vivants" with The great animal orchestra by Bernie Krause, a magical forest at the Palais des Beaux-Arts or even "Tous à plumes!"

", A dive into the world of birds at the Colysée de Lambersart ... Generally very popular with the public," urban metamorphoses ".

In addition to the Faidherbe rambla, Jean-François Fourtou's “Nanitos” will be installed in La Maison des Géants, in Lille, and several works by Joana Vasconcelos, including a Valkyrie at Lille-Flandres station.

Novelty alert.

Lille3000 has imagined “Artistic Caps or walks” in order to bring the public to discover nature in the metropolis.

By bike, a stroll along the Deûle orchestrated by the Opéra de Lille or a “Cap Buckles of the Brand” punctuated by Gilles Defacque and the Compagnie du Tire-Laine.


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