Prosecutor Christer Sammens confirms that he has been taken back to Hudiksvall hospital.

- Yes, he's there.

I can not comment on his condition, says Sammens.

According to Christer Sammens, there are hopes of being able to hear the boy.

- It sounds like that but he has just gotten there.

A person suspected of the contagion accident

At present, the police are continuing the technical investigation of the vehicle belonging to the man in his 35s, who is suspected of the contagion accident.

The man was arrested and detained in early November.

The man was later released but is still a suspect.

When can the technical investigation be completed?

- I have no opinion but it always takes time, says Christer Sammens.

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The girlfriend's family found the teenage boy in Sandarne.

Watch the family tell about the evening when the boy was found unconscious in a ditch.

Photo: Stefan Larsson / SVT