• At the end of the day on Saturday, the mountain rescuers of the CRS de Gavarnie had to intervene at nightfall to help two 16-year-olds stuck at an altitude of 1,800 meters.

  • One of the teens suffered from an upset stomach.

  • Rescuers point out that in times of avalanche and heavy snowfall, there is a high risk of being trapped in the mountains.

"They were very lucky," said Jérôme Trogno, mountain rescuers and member of CRS Gavarnie. It was the members of his team who intervened at the end of the day on Saturday near Barèges, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, to rescue two 16-year-olds. When they decided to go to the Glère refuge to spend the night there, at an altitude of more than 2,100 meters, the two teenagers took advantage of a clearing to put on their snowshoes.

But some time after they left, a snowstorm broke out and one of them suffered from a stomach ache.

Having no network or beacon, they went through 112 and the Gavarnie CRS rescuers were warned when they were at 1,800 meters.

“It was snowing a lot, so we were in level 4 like yesterday and today.

And in this valley, it can quickly turn out to be very dangerous, they triggered the help in time, ”said the rescuer.

Cannot move a chopper

Faced with the weather conditions, it was impossible to get there by helicopter.

A team of five members of the company, accompanied by a doctor from Samu, therefore left on foot to join them, while the two young people were walking down to a junction point.

At 6:40 p.m., they found the two young people, one of whom was ill and slightly hypothermic.

They managed to reach Barèges more than an hour later, the weakened teenager being dragged into a tray.

He was hospitalized at the Lourdes hospital center, while the other youngster was picked up in Tarbes by his parents.

"There is no such thing as zero risk", remind the rescuers

“They were not aware of the risk, winter and avalanche and snow conditions are important.

They did not take the measure either of what it meant for the relief.

In the mountains, there is no such thing as zero risk, ”recalls Jérôme Trogno.

For the latter, the conditions are not conducive to embarking on expeditions, even if the area is said to be secure, such as the Ayré forest, near Barèges, where cross-country skiers flocked this weekend after snowfall.

"The risk of avalanches and slabs, even on these sites, exists", warns the rescuer while the Hautes-Pyrénées are still classified this Monday in orange vigilance for the risk of avalanches and ice.


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