Some in the scientific community have estimated that the propagation power of the new mutation 'Omicron' of Corona 19 can be up to six times higher than that of the delta mutation.

Eric Ding, an infectious disease scientist and senior fellow at the American Federation of Scientists, claims that Omicron is up to 500 percent more infectious than Delta.

Researcher Ding presented the data based on a graph analyzed by the Financial Times, a British daily, the International Influenza Information Sharing Organization and the South African National Health Checkup Agency.

In this graph, it took about 20 days for Omicron's share of new confirmed cases to rise to 90%.

It took 100 days for the delta mutation to reach this level.

The American complex physicist Dr. Yanier Bayam claims that, at current rough estimates, the propagation power of microns is six times greater than that of the original type and up to twice that of deltas.

In addition, it was estimated that the fatality rate of Omicron is up to 8 times higher than before.

However, no official research results have been published on Omicron's transmission power or fatality rate.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement that "the contagious nature of Omicron and the severity of the risk have not yet been clearly identified."

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)