China News Agency, Moscow, November 29 (Reporter Tian Bing) The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 29th that as part of the completion of the test cycle of hypersonic missile weapons, the Northern Fleet "Marshal Gorshkov" frigate once again The Zircon” hypersonic missile was tested.

  According to the source, the "Zircon" missile launched by the "Marshal Gorshkov" from a predetermined position in the White Sea successfully hit a surface target more than 400 kilometers away.

Monitoring data shows that the missile's flight meets the set parameters.

  The news also stated that two weeks ago, the frigate successfully completed a "zircon" sea target test fire.

  On October 4, the Russian Ministry of Defense once announced that the Russian Navy’s "Severodvinsk" nuclear submarine successfully conducted a "zircon" test launch in the Barents waters.

This is also the first time that Russia has successfully tested a "zircon" hypersonic missile from a nuclear submarine.

  According to the Russian Red Star TV station, the "Zircon" hypersonic missile was developed by the Russian military-industry enterprise "Machinery Manufacturing Scientific Research and Production Consortium". It is Russia's first sea-based hypersonic cruise missile. 1000 kilometers.

The missile can be launched from frigates, cruisers and submarines, can destroy all types of surface ships and ground targets, and is almost impossible to intercept by missile defense systems or air defense systems.

  At the beginning of November this year, Russian President Putin pointed out when presiding over the meeting of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the defense industry complex enterprise that the research and development and mass production of high-tech weapons have become one of the key directions for the development of the Russian military.

At present, the Russian army is receiving the latest weapons and military equipment at a high frequency, including the "Zircon" hypersonic missile that is in the final stage of national testing.

"Zircon" accurately completed the ground and sea target strike missions in the test, and is expected to be installed in the Russian Navy next year.