By Fabrizio Patti

Milan 29 November 2021 The week of the markets begins a rebound after the crash on Friday, when the Milan stock exchange fell 4.60% worst session of the year.

A few minutes after the start, the Ftse Mib index rose by 1.02%.

Also in the rest of Europe the trend is positive: + 0.9% for London and Paris, + 0.75% for Frankfurt.

Futures that anticipate the opening of Wall Street are also rising.

On the Asian stock exchanges, on the other hand, the minus sign remained.

Tokyo -1.63%, also due to the decision of the Japanese government to close its borders to all foreign visitors;

-1.06% for the Hong Kong stock exchange, while the Shanghai index recovered in the end (-0.04%).

The price of oil rebounds: Brent, which fell by 11% on Friday, today rises by 4.5%, to 74.85 dollars a barrel. For WTI, the reference crude oil for the American market, which rose by more than 5% to $ 71.77.  

Among the stocks, Telecom Italia is highlighted, -1.25%, after the formalization of the step backwards of the CEO, Luigi Gubitosi, in the board of directors last Friday. Now the company will have to address the issue of the proposal made by the American fund KKR. 

A thud also for the Juventus stock, -4.73% after the investigation on suspicious capital gains opened by the Turin prosecutor. At the opening, the stock had made no price and marked a theoretical decline of 8.8%, after the sharp decline on Friday, when it closed trading by losing 6.6%.