The investigative services have already seized more fireworks this year than in the whole of 2020, according to the weekly fireworks barometer of the Public Prosecution Service (OM).

Up to and including 21 November, the counter stood at about 150,000 kilos of illegal fireworks.

It concerns fireworks that are in any case not allowed in our country and not consumer fireworks that are temporarily banned this year.

In all of 2020, almost 123,000 kilograms of fireworks were seized.

Especially in the months leading up to the New Year's Eve, the investigative services encountered a lot of illegal fireworks.

In December last year, for example, another 6,500 kilos of fireworks were confiscated.

The fact that more was seized this year than last year is mainly due to the large consignment of approximately 120,000 kilos that the police seized just across the German border at the beginning of November.

That is the largest fireworks catch ever for the Dutch police.


You can still set off these fireworks with New Year's Eve