Looking elegant does not depend on wearing expensive clothes, but rather on coordinating colors, choosing the right sizes, and not exaggerating in adding accessories.

And the Spanish "genial" website says - in a report - that some clothes that cost us a lot of money may lose their luster due to not taking care of some small details that guarantee an elegant look.

Choosing colors is not an easy thing, but it needs some deliberation to reach the desired consistency (communication sites)

1. Choose colors carefully

Choosing the colors is not easy, but it takes some deliberation to reach the desired consistency.

You can choose a range of pastel shades, or choose one color for the entire look, or resort to the traditional method of mixing black and white.

Monochromatic clothes give an elegant look, and make people think that you have enough money to buy clothes of a single color.

Monochrome clothes give an elegant look (Shutterstock)

2. The white shirt trick

Your wardrobe should not be without a white shirt, because it is elegant and versatile.

The white shirt can be combined with an infinite number of clothes and looks, and it always adds a touch of elegance to various occasions.

The white shirt can be combined with an infinite number of clothes to come up with elegant looks (Shutterstock)

3. The simple look

Simple looks have gained a lot of momentum in the fashion world in recent times, and have proven that there is no need to exaggerate in wearing clothes and accessories to appear elegant.

Jeans are comfortable clothes and can be combined with different styles of shoes and blouses (Shutterstock)

4. Don't stick to jeans

Jeans are very comfortable clothes and can be combined with different styles of shoes and blouses, but wearing them daily is not a good option.

It is best to try other types of pants, especially those made of fabric, as they add a nice touch to your look.

Adjusting the size of your clothes at the tailor after purchasing the item will make you look great (pixels)

5. Take care of sizes

A key feature of haute couture: creating clothes that are perfectly proportioned.

But to get the right piece, it is not necessary to buy expensive clothes, as the size can be adjusted at the tailor after purchasing the piece, which will make you look great.

Placing the blouse or shirt inside the pants gives your look an elegant look (Shutterstock)

6. Put the shirt under the skirt or pants

Placing a blouse or shirt inside a skirt or trousers adds an elegant look to your look, and makes clothes look great and precious.

7. Don't forget the small handbag

Many people think that handbags are only for parties, but in fact, a small handbag has become a necessary element to add more elegance to your look.

Wearing an elegant coat makes your clothes more beautiful and more valuable (Al-Jazeera)

8. The coat makes a big difference

Sometimes we feel like we need to add something to get a better look.

All you have to do, is to put on an elegant coat, and the clothes will look more beautiful and more precious.

Shoe hygiene is essential to looking great (German)

9. Shoe hygiene

No matter what style you like, remember that clean shoes are essential to looking great.

In addition to the shoes, you should pay attention that the clothes are clean and well ironed, and the buttons are complete, so that your look looks flawless.