Interfax writes about this with reference to Western media.

According to Professor Adam Finn, evidence from South Africa indicates that cases of this strain are not "particularly serious."

He noted that those who fell ill with the omicron did not experience loss of smell and taste.

Patients experience fatigue and heart palpitations.

The specialist emphasized that "it is too early to speak with full confidence about any special symptoms of the course of the disease in case of omicron disease, since the strain is still poorly understood."

The chairman of the South African Medical Association, Angelica Coetzee, said that one of the patients had “a sore throat,” but there was no cough.

Symptoms in patients with this strain are "extremely mild," she said.

Earlier, the specialist also clarified that among the patients with omicron there were mainly young people who complained of a strong feeling of fatigue.

On November 25, it became known that scientists have identified a new strain of coronavirus in Botswana, South Africa and Hong Kong, which could potentially become the most dangerous.

Later it was designated by the Greek letter "omicron".