A defense council meeting concerning migration is being held Monday morning in Paris "to take stock" at the invitation of President Emmanuel Macron, said Gerald Darmanin.

"Great Britain must open up the possibility of legal access to immigration," the minister said on BFM / RMC, because "today people who want to seek asylum in England do not have no other means than to cross the Channel ".

Sunday, four days after the deadly shipwreck in the sea separating France from the United Kingdom, participants in an emergency European meeting in Calais had agreed to "improve joint cooperation with the United Kingdom" in the face of migratory trafficking.

"It is because there is no legal way for immigrants to go to Britain, and because we work without an ID card in England, that there is this call for air. ", reaffirmed Monday Mr. Darmanin.

"What to do with the English? And although they change their legislation, that they take their responsibilities", he said, recalling that 30,000 asylum requests are registered in Great Britain against about 150,000 in France each year.

"I am completely ready to discuss" with the British "provided that we have a normal relationship and of equal temper", declared Mr Darmanin, assuring moreover that his counterpart Priti Patel and him were called "almost every day".

On Sunday, the French, German, Dutch and Belgian immigration officials, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs and the directors of the European criminal police agencies Europol and Frontex borders gathered in Calais.

In a joint statement, the participants "reaffirmed their commitment to do everything possible to fight more effectively against criminal smuggling networks" and recognized the need "to improve joint cooperation with the United Kingdom".

This meeting took place in reaction to the worst migratory drama to have occurred in the English Channel, the sinking of a boat which claimed the lives of at least 27 migrants on Wednesday.

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