China News Agency, New York, November 28th (Reporter Wang Fan) On November 28th local time, a unique Chinese style concert "Between Far and Near" was held at the Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center, New York, USA. ) Played.

  In the evening, pipa master Wu Man joined hands with a number of top international artists from the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Association to intensively perform the chamber music masterpieces of contemporary Chinese composers such as Tan Dun, Ye Xiaogang, Chen Yi, and Zhou Long.

  Huang Ping, the Chinese Consul General in New York, said in a congratulatory message to the performance, “Music is a bridge connecting people’s hearts, can bring each other closer and enhance mutual understanding. Chinese and American artists perform together in a combination of Chinese and Western music presentations. The New York audience brought the best wishes from the Chinese people and also brought a refreshing and unique music experience."

The picture shows flute player Tara Helen O'Connor, pianist Gilles Vonsattel, and young cellist He Sihao co-performing the composer Lin Pinjing's work "A Spring Festival".

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

  The performance lineup on the day was strong, bringing together eight outstanding Chinese and American musicians, including pipa player Wu Man, pianist Gilles Vonsattel, violinist Stella Chen, and violinist Christine Kristin Lee, violaist Paul Neubauer, young cellist He Sihao, flute player Tara Helen O'Connor, clarinet player David Xi Fu Lin (David Shifrin) and so on.

  In terms of arrangement, the concert's selection of repertoire is diverse and has the characteristics of blending traditional and contemporary.

The performance opened with "Three Southwest Little Songs" by composer Chen Yi, followed by "Another Spring" in Lin Pinjing's "Spring" series, followed by "Gardenia" by the famous composer Ye Xiaogang.

The repertoire in the second half includes Zhou Long's "Legend of Nine Bells", composer Dai Wei's "Mandala in Rubble", and master composer Tan Dun's "Pipa and String Quartet Concerto".

  This concert is the "Chinese Charm" brand produced by China Foreign Culture Group Co., Ltd., which once again appeared offline in New York, USA after the new crown epidemic.

Echoing the brand's "Between East and West" symphony concert on November 13, the two concerts reflected the comparison and integration of Eastern and Western cultures, showing the audience the beauty of contemporary Chinese art under globalization.